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Quit Smoking Naturally: Many Paths To A Smoke-Free Life

Today there are many options available to living a smoke-free life. You can use aids like nicotine gum, patches, or prescription medication such as Zyban. All of these options will help you to overcome the addiction to nicotine. Other methods include quitting cold turkey or just gradually cutting down on your smoking habit. These methods may work but you may have to suffer the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

An alternative to nicotine substitutes involves a different approach to quitting smoking. One has to treat the challenge of quitting the habit as an opportunity to start living a healthier lifestyle. This process demands discipline and willpower, but the rewards will last a lifetime. You will not only be smoke-free, but will have gained new life style changes that include healthier eating habits, exercise and increase in stamina and endurance.

A certain level of dedication is required to make significant changes to ones eating habits and lifestyle. By living healthier and eating properly you will find that it may become easier to quit smoking. An added benefit is that you will develop various strategies to help you deal with nicotine withdrawal.

A key component to changing ones lifestyle is to change ones routine. To make several changes to your style of living, it is a good idea to take at least a week or two off from your normal schedule to allow for these changes. Taking time off from work to get away from your routine will allow you to be exposed to fewer situations that associate you with smoking. Time off will also reduce the impact of nicotine withdrawal.

Key Lifestyle Changes

There are two key lifestyles changes that can make a major impact on your success:

  • Healthy eating – this is a very important component to help you regain the health that you may have lost from your smoking habit. Eating wholesome quality foods can help eliminate toxins from your body much faster. This can aid in overcoming your nicotine habit. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and cut down on fatty meats and foods high in saturated fats like deserts and fast foods.
  • Regular Exercise – keeping a regular exercise routine is a key part of healthy living. It is important to start slow if you have never exercised before. Begin by going on long walks as opposed to starting on three-mile jog. As you gain stamina and your health starts to improve, then you can add more vigorous activities to your exercise routing.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Most smokers are likely to experience symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine is a powerful drug that can affect not only many parts of the body, but also the brain. Smokers may experience various symptoms such as: sluggishness, and a lower attention span. If you should feel drained then simply take short naps whenever you feel an energy drain. Smokers are also likely to experience irritability. A brisk walk may help to alleviate these symptoms and keep your mind clear and reduce the desire for nicotine.

Other symptoms include a dry throat and mouth, or cough and postnasal drip. This is due to the body getting rid of excess mucus that is produced when exposed to smoke. Sucking on a lozenge or drinking plenty of water and juices will help you to overcome these symptoms.

Caffeine Reduction

Lowering you caffeine intake should also be part of creating an overall healthy lifestyle. In particular, it is important to avoid coffee after six pm. Nicotine withdrawal can cause insomnia in certain people and you do not want to add to problem by any added caffeine stimulation.


Finding natural ways to calm down and relax can also be most beneficial when trying to stop smoking. Stressful situations can also trigger the need to smoke. Learning relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, can promote a healthier lifestyle. Gentle neck exercises or hot baths have also been known to relieve headaches that may be caused from nicotine withdrawal.

The many techniques that have been mentioned can be extremely helpful in helping one to quit smoking. They are also useful to help one maintain good health for years to come. Making them a part of your regular lifestyle will help you to look better, feel better, as well as promote a healthier outlook on life.

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