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Two years ago a friend of mine had to have major surgery. She had blockage in both of her legs. The doctor said it was from her smoking. She smoked for 50 years.

Because she smoked for so many years her stay in the hospital was not a pleasant one. Not because she couldn't smoke but because her recovery was hampered from being a smoker for so many years.

She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for fifty years that's a lot of cigarettes. When she came out of surgery she had to be on oxygen for a longer period of time. She was a smoker for a long time. That caused her lungs to be weak so she couldn’t breathe on her own.

I have known this person for a long time. She liked smoking you couldn't say anything to her about smoking. She didn't want to here it. If you said something to her about smoking she would get upset, and tell you I like smoking. I’m not going to quit smoking I enjoy it to much.

She had to be heavily sedated. The doctors told use, because she was a smoker for so long it was best way to keep her from going through the withdraws from cigarette smoking. And to keep her from smoking because if she were to smoke rite after surgery, it would of greatly reduced her chances for a full recovery.

The complications she experienced in the hospital were brought on from smoking. She spent a little over three weeks in the hospital with that tub shoved down her throat. She kind a lost that enjoyment she got from smoking.

She quit smoking cigarettes, and she says she doesn't miss them. I’m glad she has been able to keep from smoking cigarettes ever since she got out of the hospital.

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