Quit Smoking Right Now!

Quit Smoking, For You, Your Family and Your Wallet!

Just think of how much money you are spending on cigarettes. $3, $4, $6 a PACK? That is a lot for one pack of cigarettes. Now, how many packs do you go through a day? One, two, three, maybe more?

If you smoked a pack a day, in one year you would spend almost $2000. Yes, Two Thousand dollars. Over $3600 if you smoked two packs a day. Sticker shock? What would you do with an "extra" $2000 dollars. Go on vacation with your family? Get that piece of jewelery that a loved one has been talking about? Buy a new wardrobe?

That is only one of the benefits of not smoking. Think of the health benefits of not smoking. You will breath easier, cough less, more energy, smaller risk of cancer the list goes on. You will have whiter teeth and fresher breath, your cloths will not smell as bad. A better sense of taste and smell will gradually come back. Your skin will look healthier.

You will make your friends and family safer by not smoking because they will not breath second hand smoke. Family and friends will be proud of you for quitting. All the benefits of quitting are positive and it will be for the better.

Strokes and heart attacks, are things for you to expect if you keep smoking. There are no benefits to smoking. It makes your skin wrinkly, makes you smell bad to people that don't smoke, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing not to mention all that money you spend on it. I have not even talked about future medical bills. How much will treatments cost? They might not be covered by your health insurance and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So take control of your life, health and happiness. Start the process today!

David Getchel runs the http://quit-smoking.worldcondition.com website. It has a 10 reasons to quit report and other good information so check it out.


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